Worksheet: MSG

MSG worksheet keeps the messages (or signals) that can be generated by any technical analysis software or quantitative environment based on your trading strategy or market condition. Each row represents one message. ATSXL can be configured to keep a certain number of messages on the worksheet to limit the memory used by Excel.

These messages can be referenced by cells on another worksheet. A typical use is that one message contains one signal and one entry price, which will be matched with a trading plan defined on the CORE Worksheet and then used to create an entry order.

Buttons on the MSG Worksheet

The following buttons are presented on the MSG Worksheet. You can click the button to perform certain action.

Button: Start Pull

Click this button to pull messages from the text file.

Button: Clear

Click this button to clear all messages on MSG worksheet.

Button: GOTO

You can click a cell that contains a row number then click this button will promptly bring you to the row.
It is very convenient when you need a quick jump to certain row and see its contents.

Special Fields on the MSG Worksheet

Field: FirstRow : #

Field: LastRow : #

Field: NextRow : #

Field: MaxRow : #

Field: <End>

This indicator should be placed in the first column. All rows after this row will be ignored by ATSXL.
It's suggested to make it in red color to make it easy to be identified.

Message Columns on the MSG Worksheet

Column: Mark

Column: Trace

Column: Label

Column: Ticker

Column: Signal Time

Column: Signal

Column: Rate

Column: Stop

Column: Upper

Column: Lower

Column: Rate2

Column: Effective Time

Column: Message


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