Worksheet: CFG

CFG Worksheet keeps most settings that control ATSXL Add-in. These settings will be introduced with more details throughout the document.

Buttons on the CFG Worksheet

The following buttons are presented on the CFG Worksheet. You can click the button to perform certain action.

Button: Load ATSXL

Click this button to load ATSXL Add-in into Excel.

Button: Reload CFG

Button: Run It Once

Button: Start Timer (Stop Timer)

Special Fields on the CFG Worksheet

Field: <End>

This indicator should be placed in the first column. All rows after this row will be ignored by ATSXL.
It's suggested to make it in red color to make it easy to be identified.

Configuration Rows on the CFG Worksheet

Row: Broker_ID

Broker_ID = 10

Row: Language_ID

Language_ID = en

Row: CORE_Row_Start

CORE_Row_Start = 6

Row: CORE_Row_Max

CORE_Row_Max = 2000

Row: Log_File

Log_File = logs\atsxl_core.log

Row: Log_Level

Log_Level = 2

Row: MsgBox_Log_File

MsgBox_Log_File = 0

Row: MsgBox_Log_Level

MsgBox_Log_Level = 0

Row: Trade_Log_File

Trade_Log_File = logs\gc_broker_ib.log

Row: Trade_Log_Level

Trade_Log_Level = 0

Row: MSG_Log_File

MSG_Log_File = logs\gc_amibroker.log

Row: MSG_Log_Level

MSG_Log_Level = 0

Row: MSG_Outbound_File

MSG_Outbound_File = msgout\atsxl_msgout_tws.txt

Row: Timer_Freq

Timer_Freq = 0:01:03

Row: Trade_Export

Trade_Export = 8

Row: Trade_Export_Range

Trade_Export_Range = A7:X124

Row: MSG_Row_Start

MSG_Row_Start = 5

Row: MSG_Row_Max

MSG_Row_Max = 5000

Row: MSG_Pull_Freq

MSG_Pull_Freq = 0:00:55

Row: Ticker_Proc_Freq

Ticker_Proc_Freq = 0:01:50

Row: Pull_Basic_Order_Status

Pull_Basic_Order_Status = 1

Row: Optimize_XL_Recalculation

Optimize_XL_Recalculation = 1

Row: Export_Msg_Exclude

Export_Msg_Exclude = CASH;IDEALPRO


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