twsATSXL for Interactive Brokers (IB) TWS

twsATSXL is an Excel spreadsheet (i.e. twsATSXL.xls) that is built on top of the Interactive Brokers (IB) official API sample TwsActiveX.xls, with a few more worksheets added for ATSXL Add-in.

twsATSXL as a package can be downloaded here. The package contains sample spreadsheets, ATSXL Add-in and all supporting files that are specific to IB TWS.

You may keep as many versions of twsATSXL.xls as you like, with different name to remind you what it is, i.e. twsATSXL_trend_following_v1.xls, twsATSXL_breakout_v1.xls. And you can keep different files with slight changes for the same trading strategy. However, ATSXL Add-in can be loaded and running in only one of the spreadsheets at any time.

There are some QuickStart Guides that help you setup twsATSXL along with Amibroker and IB TWS to automate a trading strategy.