Editions and License Agreement

ATSXL Free Edition

This edition can be used for free as long as it is not for Commercial and/or Non-personal Use.

When Free Edition runs in automatic mode, it supports one Ticker and no more than 50 Order Rows, while there is no such limit when it runs in manual mode.

Note that the limit of Order Rows refers to the rows on one specific Excel spreadsheet that contains order entries controlled by the trading strategy. It is not the number of orders you can place, modify or cancel. You can make as many trades as you need with the Free Edition.

The following cases are not supported by ATSXL Free Edition according its license and the above limitations, you should use ATSXL Pro Edition instead:

  • You use ATSXL to conduct trading for a business entity or for other people rather than for yourself;
  • You use ATSXL to conduct trading with other people's money involved;
  • You, as an independent trader, trade up that multiple tickers or trading strategy execution speed becomes the need;

For detailed terms and conditions, refer to the License Agreement for ATSXL Free Edition.

ATSXL Pro Edition

Pro Edition supports multiple Tickers and more Trade Rows used by the trading strategy. More importantly, Pro Edition runs much faster than Free Edition even with multiple tickers, more trades and positions, and more complex trading strategy involved.

Pro Edition is currently deployed for private use. It is not released to public, and the release date is not determined yet.