Task: Connect twsATSXL with IB for Trading

Connect twsATSXL with IB Gateway

(You may refer to Interactive Brokers' API Reference Guide here for more details if needed.)

Click Connect to TWS on the General Worksheet to connect Excel with IB Gateway, you may feel a short while of freeze when it's trying to establish connection.

You will see similar screen with the buttons and fields highlighted as below. Note the values should match against what we have entered for IB Gateway.

You will get similar screen when you connect twsATSXL.xls with IB Gateway successfully:

Now it's time to pull account details to test connection:

Click the Request Account Updates button on the Account Worksheet. If it pulls account details out there then your twsATSXL is connected with IB trade server through IB Gateway successfully.

Make Trade Manually with twsATSXL

You can create an order on the Basic Orders Worksheet, click Place/Modify button to place a new order or modify an existing one, click Cancel button to cancel an existing order. Note that you have to click the actual row where the order is located before you click button to place (or modify or cancel) that order.

Important Tips:
#1 - If you would like to make the most use of twsATSXL, please refer to Interactive Brokers' API Reference Guide here, spend some more time specifically on charpter DDE for Excel, which provides detailed information on these worksheets: Account, Tickers, Basic Orders, Open Orders, Executions, Portfolio. These worksheets can be easily used for manual trading with twsATSXL.

#2 - In addition, for (Semi-)Automated Trading with twsATSXL, Basic Orders Worksheet is particularly important because your trading strategy (or tranding plan) will control orders on this worksheet.