Task: Initial Check for Updates

For the first time, when you open a spreadsheet for ATSXL, and click [Load ATSXL] button on the CFG Worksheet, ATSXL will prompt you to check if there are bug fixes or updates available.


Let's use twsATSXL.xls as an example:

Please save and exit all Excel spreadsheets, then run the batch script update_ATSXL.bat under your ATSXL directory (double click it) or run it in a Command window.


The batch script will create a unique time stamped sub-directory (i.e. Backup_2013101309453012), copy all critical files along with your Excel spreadsheets into this directory, then start an automatic updater. You simply follow screen instructions from there.

A log file ATSXL_check_update.log will be updated with a summary of this update activity and the name of the backup directory if created.

If you prefer to not create a backup directory, you may run batch script update_ATSXL_NO_BACKUP.bat instead, which is a wrapper of update_ATSXL.bat. For example:


WARNING: It is not recommended to skip this backup step.

This backup created prior to any updates provides a way that you can roll back to previous version if something went wrong. You also get a chance to keep existing Excel spreadsheets with multiple versions that could be useful some time later. You can delete these backup directories when everything is confirmed OK.

You may run this check and update batch script at any time. ATSXL will remind you to run it once every three weeks to make sure you receive the most recent updates.